Kloo for Certinia: Elevating Finance with OCR and AI

January 15, 2024
Kloo OCR and AI for Certinia
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In the world of financial management, Certinia has carved out a prominent place for itself, celebrated for its comprehensive suite of financial tools. It’s a platform that has won acclaim for making financial management more accessible and efficient for businesses of all sizes.

While Certinia excels in many aspects, its toolkit has room for expansion, particularly in the realm of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This is where Kloo's innovative technology comes into play, plugging into Certinia and enhancing the platform's Accounts Payable functions with cutting-edge features. Kloo’s integration with Certinia is more than just a nice-to-have addition to Certinia; it’s a transformation of AP functions. Imagine having the power to fully automate the process of uploading invoices, extracting and inputting the key data, and matching the invoice to its respective PO, all with pinpoint accuracy.

How do we do it? 

OCR has traditionally been highly fallible, prone to errors and incomplete data entry, still requiring a high degree of manual intervention. 

OCR & AI for Data Extraction and Input

Kloo layers OCR with AI to ensure error-free autonomous data extraction and input. First, the data is extracted by OCR, then undergoes a secondary layer of processing with AI. Artificial Intelligence uses contextual reasoning to 'understand' this data, ensuring all possible fields are populated correctly and using the data extracted by OCR to generate a concise summary of the invoice, offering insights that go beyond mere data entry.

AI for Matching

Kloo also leverages AI to match invoices to their corresponding PO with precise accuracy. 

Consider this scenario: A purchase order displays a supplier's full name, while the corresponding invoice shows a different version of that name, perhaps an abbreviated form. This seemingly minor difference would pose a challenge for traditional automated systems, requiring manual intervention. However, Kloo's layer of integrated AI can identify these subtle matches through contextual reasoning, allowing even the most intricate invoices to be matched accurately. This leads to a more efficient, error-free process and significantly reduces the time and effort involved in manual data entry and verification.

Kloo for Certinia: Unlock True Automation

Kloo is particularly beneficial in scenarios where businesses deal with a large volume of financial documents.  By combining Certinia's comprehensive financial management tools with Kloo's AI-driven OCR, businesses can achieve a level of efficiency and accuracy that was previously unattainable. This partnership doesn't just add value to the existing processes; it revolutionises them.

As the business world continues to evolve, the integration of technologies like Kloo into platforms like Certinia is not just beneficial; it’s essential. It represents a forward-thinking approach to financial management, one that embraces the potential of AI to make complex tasks simpler and more accurate.

Learn more about our integration with Certinia here.

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