Purchasing Copilot

Empowering team members, approvers and finance professionals with effortless email-integrated purchase management tools.

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AI-Powered Purchase Requests

AI-Powered Purchase Requests

Raise purchase requests in natural language via email or chatbot. Your responses are enriched with AI, so you only need to provide the really necessary information.

Smart Approval Flows

Smart Approval Flows

Unlock unlimited, threshold-based approval workflows for transparent control and efficiency.

Email-Integrated Approvals

Email-Integrated Approvals

We understand that approvers are short on time. With Purchasing Copilot, approvers can review and approve spend directly from their email inbox, without even needing to log into the platform.

AI-Generated Financial Context

AI-Generated Financial Context

Purchasing Copilot empowers approvers with smart AI-powered insights, including how purchases will affect adherence to budgets, potential duplicate spend, and supplier context.



Automatic PO Generation

Automatic PO Generation

When a purchase request has passed through the requisite approval flow, a purchase order is automatically generated for you.


Creating Purchase Orders

Foreign Currency PO Support

Streamline your international purchases with our Foreign Currency PO support. Put an end to currency conversion headaches and embrace seamless transactions across borders with Kloo.

Ease of use

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting features, Kloo has made it easy for our team to track and manage our company's expenses in real-time.

Ashkan Valadan, CFO

Enabling Agility

Our CTO is happy because he can move quicker. Our finance team is happy because they have real-time visibility into and control over what’s being spent.

Sam Carter, CEO

Greater Control

Kloo enabled me to see, control and report in real-time where money is spent, freeing up my time to focus on tasks that create company value.

Alexis Jackson, Managing Director

Seamless Onboarding

Onboarding to Kloo was quick and seamless. The product is great, intuitive and easy to use which made rolling out to wider business a breeze.

Luke Trobe , CFO

Instant Visibility

Thanks to Kloo invoice management solutions we now have immediate access to a listing of all of our outstanding liabilities.  

David Hodsman, Group Financial Controller

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