Flexible payments

Kloo offers multiple payment options to maximise payment run control and efficiency whilst providing the ability to make low-cost, cross-border, payments and optimise working capital.


Kloo's smart payments with open bankingn
Payment run creation and approvals engine

Payment run creation and approvals engine

Streamline your payment process with our automated payment run and approvals engine. Enhance accuracy, reduce manual work, and enforce company payment policies.

Multiple currency wallets with Kloo

Multiple currency wallets

Kloo allows you to open a GBP and EUR wallet, enabling simplified storage of funds and execution of payments.

Pay invoices with Kloo wallet

Faster and SEPA instant payments

Benefit from real time payments directly from your Kloo wallet, across the UK and Eurozone.

Payment initiation services

Payment initiation services

Benefit from efficiency and control of Open Banking for individual, schedules and bulk payments. Kloo enables you to release your working capital advantage by eliminating the need to have pre-funded multiple wallets.

Kloo's cross border payments

Cross border payments 

Benefit from rapid, low-cost and transparent global payments for paying your international suppliers.

Off-platform email approvals Slack integrations

Off-platform email approvals integration

Reduce approvals processing time with off-platform email approvals. Kloo enables designated approvers to receive and approve purchase order requests directly via email for maximum efficiency.

Account information services for offplatform payments and analytics

Account information services for off-platform payments and analytics

Automate the detection of off-platform payments to enable Kloo to provide accurate reporting and analytics wherever you choose to make payments from.


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Wasting a huge amount of time and money on manual processes and clunky enterprise tech.



Thanks to Kloo invoice management solutions we now have immediate access to a listing of all of our outstanding liabilities.  


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Kloo enabled me to see, control and report in real-time where money is spent, freeing up my time to focus on tasks that create company value.



Onboarding to Kloo was quick and seamless. The product is great, intuitive and easy to use which made rolling out to wider business a breeze.



With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting features, Kloo has made it easy for our team to track and manage our company's expenses in real-time.

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For customers utilising Kloo wallets for invoice payments, whilst Electronic Money products are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) your funds will be held in one or more segregated accounts and safeguarded in line with the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.