Streamlining Invoicing for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers face unique challenges in managing accounts payable (AP) due to complex procurement requirements, adherence to Integrated Care Systems (ICS) standards, and the need for transparent financial practices.

Kloo automates these intricate procurement processes, ensuring timely acquisition of essential supplies and accurate financial tracking and reporting to maintain compliance, transparency and auditability.

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Optimising AP in Healthcare: An Industry Guide

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What our HealthTech customers have to say


“Kloo has enabled Agilisys to significantly improve approval and document processing across the business' payables processes. The intuitive UI means that business-side users can quickly action approval, and document ingestion is as simple as forwarding emails to our own Kloo AI agent. This enables us to operate faster and empower the finance team to spend their time on the real value-add activities - not chasing for approvals!”​

Yuan Liu, Certinia Implementation Programme Director, Agilisys

Why Use Kloo?

The benefits of Kloo's AP automation for Financial Services. 


Harness the latest AI to automate your Accounts Payable from procure to pay. 

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Eliminate manual rekeying and coding of invoices. 


Intuitive user-friendly interface. Improves user experience and employee buy-in.


Enhance your financial control with modern procurement cards, keeping all your spend in one place.

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Easy self-service customisation and configuration. No need for 3rd party development.


Seamless two-way data sharing between Kloo and your accounting software.

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