AI-Powered AP Automation for Certinia

Unlock the power of Kloo for your Accounts Payable and revolutionise your financial operations. With effortless natural language purchase requests, email-integrated approvals, OCR for autonomous invoice management, and embedded payments, Kloo seamlessly integrates with Certinia to supercharge your P2P.

Automate tedious tasks, reduce errors, and improve efficiency, all while gaining unparalleled financial control. Experience enhanced compliance and crystal-clear visibility over your spending.

Kloo's integration with Certinia ERP

Why Use Kloo?

Kloo's AP solution for Certinia offers unparalleled performance and ROI, harnessing the power of AI to automate AP  from procure to pay.


Harness the latest AI to automate your Accounts Payable from procure to pay. 

Eliminate Manual Rekeying

Eliminate manual data entry and coding of invoices with Kloo's proprietary layering of OCR with AI.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive user-friendly interface. Improves user experience and employee buy-in.

Procurement Cards

Strengthen your financial control with modern procurement cards, keeping all your spend in one place.


Self-service configuration with unlimited custom fields. No need for costly 3rd party development.

Data Sharing

Seamless two-way data sharing between Kloo and Certinia. 

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Take the product tour or get in touch to learn more about how Kloo can enhance your AP with Certinia.

Certinia Kloo Integration Diagram

Kloo imports key information from Certinia like supplier information, dimensions, entities, and tax rates. 

When actions are completed within Kloo, this data is then fed back into Certinia, keeping both systems synchronised and up-to-date. 

This allows Certinia to remain as your single source of truth, while simultaneously benefitting from the self-service configuration and AI-powered automation Kloo offers. 

“Complimenting Certinia with Kloo has allowed Agilisys to significantly improve approval and document processing across our AP processes. The intuitive interface means that business-side users can easily action approvals and document ingestion is as simple as forwarding emails to our own Kloo AI agent. This empowers the finance team to spend their time on the real value-add activities - not chasing for approvals!”​ Yuan Liu, Certinia Implementation Program Director, Agilisys

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