OCR and AI for invoice management

Kloo's invoice management solution leverages AI technology to automate invoice management processes from receipt of the document, to paying the supplier.

Kloo uses AI to automatically extract and code invoice data, conduct 2- or 3-way matching, flag potentially fraudulent invoices, and assign invoices to workflows with our smart approvals engine. 

Say goodbye to late invoices, cut invoice processing times by 80%.

Kloo's OCR and AI layered technology for invoice uploading and processing

AI-Powered Invoice Matching

Kloo uses the contextual reasoning of AI to automatically conduct either 2- or 3-way matching with purchase orders and goods receipts.

Establish bespoke criteria to decide when invoices are auto-matched or when to use suggested matches with manual approvals.  


Your Smart Invoice Inbox

Suppliers can send emails directly to your unique invoice inbox address. Upon receipt, Kloo uses AI to identify and categorise attachments as either an invoice or credit note, Invoice data is then extracted using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and automatically uploaded to Kloo and your ERP. 

Learn more about the Smart Invoice Inbox.

Graphic showing Kloo's email-integrated smart approval workflows for accounts payable

Off-platform email approvals 

Minimise delays in obtaining approvals. With Kloo, designated approvers can receive and approve purchase order requests directly from their email inbox without the need to log into the platform.

Creating-a-PO-2 (2)

Unlimited custom fields 

Kloo is purpose-built to integrate seamlessly with businesses of any size: from smaller scale-ups to larger enterprises, Kloo is fully customisable and transforms your current workflows.

Configure Kloo to suit your organisation's needs with unlimited custom and conditional fields for POs and invoices.


Seamless integrations

Kloo integrates with a number of accountancy systems and ERPs including Xero, Sage Intacct, Sage Business Cloud, Oracle Netsuite, and Microsoft Dynamics.

With real-time data sharing, Kloo pushes all invoice data through to your ERP, maintaining a reliable, up-to-date single source of truth. 

Learn more about Kloo's API integrations.

Ease of use

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting features, Kloo has made it easy for our team to track and manage our company's expenses in real-time.

Ashkan Valadan, CFO

Enabling Agility

Our CTO is happy because he can move quicker. Our finance team is happy because they have real-time visibility into and control over what’s being spent.

Sam Carter, CEO

Greater Control

Kloo enabled me to see, control and report in real-time where money is spent, freeing up my time to focus on tasks that create company value.

Alexis Jackson, Managing Director

Seamless Onboarding

Onboarding to Kloo was quick and seamless. The product is great, intuitive and easy to use which made rolling out to wider business a breeze.

Luke Trobe , CFO

Instant Visibility

Thanks to Kloo invoice management solutions we now have immediate access to a listing of all of our outstanding liabilities.  

David Hodsman, Group Financial Controller

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage invoices?

Invoices can be efficiently managed using automated invoice management systems, which streamline the process from receipt to payment, reducing errors, flagging potentially fraudulent invoices and reducing processing times by up to 80%. Kloo's AI-powered uses OCR and AI to upload invoices, run background checks for fraud, perform 2- or 3-way matching, and assign the invoice to an approval and payment workflow, all without manual intervention.

How to pay an invoice?

Invoices can be paid externally through your bank or within a purpose-built accounts payable software which embeds payments within a single, efficient P2P workflow. This allows businesses to maintain better control over cash flow and supplier relations.

What is invoice management software?

Invoice management software automates the processing, verification, matching, and payment of invoices, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy in financial operations. It also provides critical insights into spending trends and financial health through comprehensive dashboards.

What software is best for invoice management?

While there are many solutions on offer for invoice management, it is recommended to implement a solution that manages and automates tasks throughout the procure-to-pay cycle, keeping consistency throughout each stage of this process. Kloo is one of these end-to-end solutions, which offers AI-powered automation for invoice management, autonomously uploading, screening, matching, and assigning invoices to workflows, all without manual intervention. This results in huge time and cost savings in invoice management.

How do I manage my invoices?

Invoices can be managed using an automated invoice management system that streamlines and automates tasks from data capture to final payment, ensuring a smooth, efficient process, and avoiding late payment penalties. Automation not only speeds up processing but also improves accuracy by reducing human errors.

How are invoices stored?

Invoices are digitally uploaded and stored within invoice management or AP systems where they are securely archived as and easily accessible for future reference and auditing purposes. This digital storage allows for quick retrieval and helps businesses meet compliance requirements.

What is supplier invoice management?

Supplier invoice management involves the streamlined and automated handling of supplier invoices from receipt to payment, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the process. This management includes automating task such as invoice data input, background checks, matching, and assignment to workflows for approval or payment.

How to automate invoice processing?

Invoice management can be automated by using technologies like OCR, AI, and rules-based automation to perform tasks that were previously manual tasks for finance teams. For example, invoice data extraction and upload can now be performed automatically using OCR, while AI can perform 2- or 3-way to a high degree of accuracy.  Automation leads to a more efficient accounts payable process, cutting operational costs, improving the speed of invoice payments, and avoiding late payment penalties from suppliers. 


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