Diagram showing Kloo's integration with SAP ERP

AI-Powered AP Automation for SAP

Plug in the power of AI-powered Accounts Payable for SAP with Kloo. From raising a purchase request to executing payment runs, Kloo streamlines your AP operations with AI-powered automation. 


Accounts Payable is a complex process including company budgets, historical spend, supplier profiles, invoice records, payments and more.

That is why it's essential that all your spend management and accounting tools talk to one another.


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Diagram showing Kloo's integration with SAP ERP

Kloo imports information from SAP at the click of a button, like supplier information, entities, and tax rates.

As actions are completed in Kloo — from purchase orders to embedded in-platform payments — it feeds this data back into SAP. This two-way data exchange keeps both systems synchronised in real-time and ensures that SAP remains an effective and acccurate single source of truth.

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