How Kloo Enhances the Certinia Experience with AP Automation

January 4, 2024
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Navigating traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and their extensive features can lead to more time-consuming and cumbersome tasks for finance teams and users. Kloo’s integrative capabilities for systems like Certinia ensure streamlined financial operations within the accounts payable (AP) and procurement processes. Find out more about how Kloo is transforming the future of finance automation through AI-powered automation for Certinia. 

For businesses using robust and feature-rich ERP systems such as Certinia, managing accounts payable (AP) can often be a challenging task. Cumbersome interfaces and complex approval workflow permissions can lead to specific pain points that affect operational efficiency. However, Kloo's innovative integration solutions offer a transformative approach to these challenges. Kloo’s AI-powered automation streamlines AP processes while retaining an intuitive and user-focused experience across the platform, ensuring financial and operational efficiency. 

Pain Point: Manual Data Entry and System Complexity 

One significant issue faced by operational finance teams using standard ERP systems is the time-consuming process of manual data entry. Teams spend hours upon days every month rekeying data manually into systems, leading to inefficiencies with processing and increased potential for human error. Furthermore, the complexity of traditional ERP systems can be daunting for non-finance users to navigate, resulting in poor employee buy-in, delays, and lower compliance with procurement policies. 

Kloo's Solution: Touchless Invoice Processing and User-Friendly Interface 

To address these challenges, Kloo offers touchless invoice processing enabled by OCR, machine learning, and generative AI. This innovative approach eliminates the tedious task of manual data entry, thereby streamlining the entire AP process. By automating invoice management, Kloo not only saves valuable time for finance teams but also significantly reduces the risk of errors. 

Moreover, Kloo's platform is designed to be quick to set up and simple to use. This user-friendly interface is particularly beneficial for businesses with non-finance users who need to interact with the AP system. By reducing the complexity and making the system more accessible, Kloo ensures better employee engagement and adherence to procurement policies. 

In addition to improving operational efficiency, Kloo helps in reducing the costs associated with training and permission management in Certinia. By keeping business users in the flow of work and ensuring seamless data integration with Certinia, Kloo reduces the burden of managing access and permissions, thus cutting down on overhead costs. 

Key Takeaways

Kloo's integration with Certinia represents a significant step forward in modernising the accounts payable process. By automating and simplifying tasks that were once manual and time-consuming, Kloo enables businesses to focus on strategic financial management rather than getting bogged down in the intricacies of data entry and system navigation. With Kloo, companies using Certinia can look forward to a more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective AP process.

To find out more about how Kloo complements Certinia's capabilities, check out our integrations here.

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