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What features does Purchasing Copilot Lite include?
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Purchasing Copilot Lite is the free version of Kloo's spend management assistant designed to simplify your procurement process. It offers a suite of tools including effortless purchase requests, unlimited custom fields, smart approval flows, email-integrated approvals, and automatic PO generation.
What are the different types of account?
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 Purchasing Copilot Lite has three different accounts with different views and permissions to suit every member of your organisation. 

  • Users: Users can create and submit purchase requests for approvals.
  • Finance Admins:
    • Raise purchase requests
    • Approve purchase requests 
    • Manually assign requests to approval workflows
    • Configure custom fields
  • Organisation Admins:
    • Raise purchase requests
    • Approve purchase requests 
    • Manually assign requests to approval workflows
    • Configure custom fields 
    • Configure automated approval workflows
    • Invite new users to the platform

What other products does Kloo offer?
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In addition to Purchasing Copilot Lite, Kloo offers a suite of innovative products designed to optimise your financial operations from procure-to-pay.

  • Purchasing Copilot Pro: Raise purchase requests via email in natural language and make better spend decisions with AI-generated Kloo insights for approvers. 

  • Autonomous Invoice Management: AI-powered no-touch invoice processing, automating invoice uploads, matching, and even payment processing.

  • Flexible Payments: This tool integrates with your procurement processes to facilitate smooth domestic and cross-border payments directly within the platform.

  • Procurement Cards: Streamline your corporate spending with Kloo's procurement cards, offering real-time visibility and control over expenses with globally accepted virtual and physical cards.

Each product is designed to be intuitive, ensuring you can manage your company's finances with ease and precision.

What support is available if I encounter issues with Purchasing Copilot Lite?
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Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any issues.

Live Chat

Want to resolve your issue or answer a question ASAP? Access Live Chat via getkloo.com and click the button on the bottom right. During business hours, you'll be able to speak to an agent after the bot has triaged you. 

Outside of business hours, the KlooBot will be able to direct you to a large number of helpful resources.

If this still doesn't resolve your question, you can email us!


You can email us at support@getkloo.com.

What are email-integrated approvals and how do they work?
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Email-integrated approvals let you review and approve requests directly from your email inbox, without the need to log in to the platform. This ensures a faster response time and a more efficient approval process.
How can I track the status of my purchase requests?
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You can monitor the status of submitted purchase requests through your Purchase Order dashboard. Requests which are being reviewed appear in the 'In Review' tab, and approved requests in the 'Completed' tab. 

Can I integrate Purchasing Copilot Lite with my existing financial systems?
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Purchasing Copilot Lite does not offer ERP integrations, however, all of Kloo's paid modules including Purchasing Copilot Pro and Autonomous Invoice Management offer seamless ERP integrations.