Control and reduce supplier costs.

Get full visibility and control of company spend from request-to-pay within one week.

Spend smarter, save on costs and get intelligent insights with AI-powered purchase requisition, bottleneck-free approvals, real-time spend analytics and autonomous invoice management.

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AI Accounts Payable for Sage Intacct.

Kloo's  integrates seamlessly with Sage Intacct to offer unparalleled performance and ROI.

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Why choose Kloo?

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Less time spent on processing invoices.
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Return on investment through removal of wasted spend.
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Increase in invoice processing capacity per FTE.
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Rated #1 by G2 for customer support in invoice management.

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Award-winning solution

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Leverage AI from procure-to-pay.

Whether you start with one of our modules or adopt the full end-to-end solution, Kloo supercharges your procure-to-pay process with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Kloo AI purchase request natural language chat bot

AI-Powered Purchase Requests

Raise purchase requests using simple, natural language. Whether via email or chatbot, requesting spend is as easy as sending a message.

Kloo's effortless email-integrated approval workflows

Effortless Integrated Approvals

Review and approve spend off-platform with unlimited email-integrated approval workflows.

Forget logging in, focus on finances.  


Intelligent Insights

Transform approvals from administrative formality to strategic advantage.

Gain unprecedented control of spend with AI-powered approval insights. Prevent duplicate spending, ensure budget compliance, and optimise resource allocation.

Kloo OCR and AI data extraction

Autonomous AI Invoice Management 

Kloo leverages the power of AI contextual reasoning across both invoice uploads and matching, removing the need for manual intervention.

Go beyond automation, discover no-touch invoice management.

Payments with Kloo - easy cross border payments

Flexible Payments

Keep your procure-to-pay process all in one place.

Create smart payment runs and make domestic or cross-border payments seamlessly in-platform.

Kloo virtual and physical cards

Modern Procurement Cards

Gain real-time visibility and control of your corporate card spend with Kloo's globally accepted virtual and physical cards.



"Our CTO is happy because he can move quicker. Our finance team is happy because they have real-time visibility into and control over what’s being spent."

- Sam Carter, CEO



"Kloo enabled me to see, control and report in real-time where money is spent, freeing up my time to focus on tasks that create company value."

- Alexis Jackson, CEO

"With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting features, Kloo has made it easy for our team to track and manage our company's expenses in real-time."

- Ashkan Valadan, CFO

"Kloo has greatly improved the accuracy of our cash forecasting and reduced the risk of late payments."

- Rob Straathof, CEO

Read The Full Case Study Here

"Onboarding to Kloo was quick and seamless. The product is great, intuitive and easy to use!"

- Luke Trobe, CFO

Read The Full Case Study Here

"The intuitive UI means that business-side users can quickly action approval, and document ingestion is as simple as forwarding emails to our own Kloo AI agent."

- Yuan Liu, Finance Director

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