Optimising AP for the Public Sector

Government bodies and local authority organisations face a number of challenges to Accounts Payable management, working within the constraints of limited budgets and the high demands placed on public services. These challenges are compounded by the necessity for strict adherence to public procurement regulations.

Kloo streamlines these demanding financial workflows, with AI-powered automated procurement and payment processes. This facilitates not only the efficient allocation of limited resources but also upholds the principles of transparency, compliance, and accountability essential in the public sector.

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Why Use Kloo?

The benefits of Kloo's AP automation for Financial Services. 


Harness the latest AI to automate your Accounts Payable from procure to pay. 

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Eliminate manual rekeying and coding of invoices. 


Intuitive user-friendly interface. Improves user experience and employee buy-in.


Enhance your financial control with modern procurement cards, keeping all your spend in one place.

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Easy self-service customisation and configuration. No need for 3rd party development.


Seamless two-way data sharing between Kloo and your accounting software.

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