Launching Purchasing Copilot Lite

December 12, 2023
Kloo Introduces Purchasing Copilot Lite
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At Kloo, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Purchasing Copilot Lite, our latest product offering designed to revolutionise their Accounts Payable processes. This freemium module marks a significant step forward in our mission to empower businesses with smarter spend and purchase management tools.

No more uncontrolled spend. One-click approvals. Zero bottlenecks. 100% free with Purchasing Copilot Lite.

With Purchasing Copilot Lite, we invite you to unlock the power of purchase orders and approval workflows at no cost. Our free module allows financial and organisation admins to perform a range of financial functions directly within the platform, taking control of their spend. One-click approvals, zero bottlenecks, completely free of charge. 

Addressing Core Challenges in Spend Management 

A staggering 51% of businesses report that purchase requests are often raised after the spend has already been committed. This issue stems from inefficient approvals, poor employee buy-in due to complex processes, and rigid approval workflows that delay the process. Purchasing Copilot Lite is our answer to these challenges. 

Key Features of Purchasing Copilot Lite 

  • Effortless Purchase Requests: Raise purchase requests quickly and easily. Our system provides all the necessary information for approvers to make informed spend decisions, including unlimited custom fields. 
  • Smart Approval Flows: Create unlimited customisable approval workflows for maximum control and efficiency. Whether it's simple or threshold-based workflows, ensure the right people have visibility over every purchase. 
  • Email-Integrated Approvals: Approve spend directly from your email inbox, eliminating the need to log into the platform. We streamline the process, allowing you to focus on your finances. 
  • Automatic PO Generation: Once a purchase request is approved, Kloo automatically generates and sends a purchase order (PO) to the supplier, further simplifying the procurement process. 

Empowering Businesses to Control Their Spend 

At Kloo, we believe in empowering businesses to stop unapproved spend for good. With our intuitive email-integrated approvals, we're saying goodbye to bottlenecks. Our solution ensures compliance with your budgets and procurement policies, making spend management effortless and efficient. 

Take a Tour of Purchasing Copilot Lite

Purchasing Copilot Lite is now available, and we encourage you to explore its features through the interactive demo tour below. Begin your journey towards smarter spend management with us.


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