Modern procurement cards

Kloo enables you to get control and real-time visibility of your corporate card spending at scale. Issue virtual and physical Kloo cards, set spend control policies, create customisable approval workflows and automatically reconcile payments.

Using a Kloo Procurement Card to pay on a contactless reader
Globally accepted Visa virtual, single-use, recurring subscription & physical cards.

Globally accepted Visa virtual, single-use and physical procurement cards

Give your employees access to funds in a safe, controlled environment and help your finance team keep on top of business real-time spend. Track back each payment to specific users, manage spend limits and review outstanding expenses - all in one place.

Kloo's smart card approvals

Set up agile card expense approval flows

Create custom approval workflows for individual cards or in bulk based on your definition of categories and merchant.

Update card controls directly via platform or app

Update card controls directly via platform or app

Adjust individual or team card spend limits for emergency top-ups and freeze or issue new virtual cards in seconds. 

Easy & fast receipt upload with Kloo

Easy & fast receipt upload

Effortlessly submit receipts via the mobile app. Kloo will read and detect the important transactional data before automating the submission for approval.

Automated receipt matching thanks OCR data extraction

Automated receipt matching thanks to OCR data extraction

Streamline financial processing with automated receipt matching and OCR data extraction, saving time and improving accuracy.

Card spend analytics including automatic subscriptions identification

Card spend analytics including automatic subscriptions identification

Create team cards for budgeting and for tracking your subscription spend. Control, approve and track SaaS spend all in one place and quickly see where you’re under-optimising budget with old or duplicated subscriptions running in the background.

Automation rules engine for populating expense data

Automation rules engine for populating expense data

Efficiently populate expense data, streamline processes and eliminate manual input with Kloo's automation rules engine for seamless financial management.



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Ease of use

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting features, Kloo has made it easy for our team to track and manage our company's expenses in real-time.

Ashkan Valadan, CFO

Enabling Agility

Our CTO is happy because he can move quicker. Our finance team is happy because they have real-time visibility into and control over what’s being spent.

Sam Carter, CEO

Greater Control

Kloo enabled me to see, control and report in real-time where money is spent, freeing up my time to focus on tasks that create company value.

Alexis Jackson, Managing Director

Seamless Onboarding

Onboarding to Kloo was quick and seamless. The product is great, intuitive and easy to use which made rolling out to wider business a breeze.

Luke Trobe , CFO

Instant Visibility

Thanks to Kloo invoice management solutions we now have immediate access to a listing of all of our outstanding liabilities.  

David Hodsman, Group Financial Controller

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Your card is issued by Modulr FS Limited pursuant to a license by Visa Europe. Visa and the Visa brand mark are registered trademarks of Visa Europe.

For customers utilising Kloo wallets for invoice payments, whilst Electronic Money products are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) your funds will be held in one or more segregated accounts and safeguarded in line with the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.