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    Accounts Payable FAQs

    What is Accounts Payable?

    Accounts Payable (AP) is a crucial finance function in businesses, managing the procure-to-pay cycle. It oversees the processing of purchase orders, invoices, and the authorisation of payments to suppliers, ensuring that payments are accurate and timely. Through effective management of the AP process, businesses can maintain good supplier relationships, take advantage of early payment discounts, and ensure accurate financial insights.

    Do I need an Accounts Payable Automation system?

    Yes, an Accounts Payable Automation system can be highly beneficial. It alleviates the time-consuming nature of manual AP processes and reduces the expense associated with scaling this function as your company grows. Automation streamlines invoice processing, ensures timely payments, minimises errors, and can provide valuable insights into your financial obligations, ultimately contributing to better cash flow management and stronger supplier relationships.

    How do you automate Accounts Payable Processes?

    Kloo automates the Accounts Payable features through a number of features which reduce or eliminate the need for manual intervention, streamlining processes and removing the risk of human error. Kloo automates processes throughout the procure-to-pay cycle, including data entry, assigning purchase requests to the requisite approval workflow and matching invoices to purchase orders.

    What are some of the features of Accounts Payable automation software?

    Kloo's AI-enabled AP automation solution integrates smart automation across the procure-to-pay cycle. 

    • Data entry: Kloo uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to 'read' invoices and translate this information into a structured format. This is faster and far more accurate than manual data entry and allows your business to scale, without having to scale your AP team. 
    • Invoice and Purchase Order Matching: Kloo uses AI to automatically and accurately match invoices to Purchase Orders, ensuring clear insights.
    • Approval Workflow: Utilising Kloo's AI, the software automates the approval workflow, routing invoices to the appropriate individuals for approval based on predefined criteria.
    • Integrated Payments: Kloo facilitates seamless payments within the platform, making the payment process more efficient and less time-consuming.
    • Reporting and Analytics: Kloo provides powerful reporting and analytics tools, aiding in better financial decision-making by offering real-time insights into your AP processes.
    • Vendor Management: Manage vendor information, track interactions, and handle vendor communications effectively within Kloo's AP automation platform.

    By integrating these features, Kloo's Accounts Payable automation software significantly enhances the efficiency and transparency of the procure-to-pay cycle, saving time and resources while reducing the risk of errors.


    What are the benefits of automating Accounts Payable?

    • Cost Reduction: Reduces operational costs by minimizing manual work.
    • Time-Saving: Speeds up the AP process, saving time on data entry and approval workflows.
    • Error Reduction: Minimizes errors associated with manual data entry and invoice processing.
    • Improved Accuracy: Ensures accurate matching of invoices and purchase orders.
    • Enhanced Vendor Relationships: Timely payments help in maintaining good vendor relationships.
    • Compliance & Audit Readiness: Helps in compliance with financial regulations and readiness for audits.
    • Real-time Insights: Offers real-time analytics for better decision-making.


    Can an automated accounts payable solution integrate with my ERP?

    Yes, Kloo can integrate with any ERP. Read more here.