Kloo vs. Basware: Comparing AI-Powered Automation

November 24, 2023
Kloo vs. Basware Comparison
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In the realm of financial management software, selecting the right tool is key to enhancing efficiency and staying ahead of technological advancements. Accounts Payable (AP) is a crucial aspect of financial management but suffers from the need for manual processing. AP Automation arises as the go-to solution to this problem, with artificial intelligence (AI) technology playing a crucial role in this evolution. AI-powered automation tools are reshaping AP processing, providing solutions to previously manually laborious tasks, suitable for finance teams of all sizes. 

This guide outlines a detailed analysis of Kloo and Basware and aims to shed light on their respective features and capabilities towards AP automation. Uncover these insights to help assist your businesses in making an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs. 

What Does Kloo Do? 

Kloo is an AI-powered AP automation platform that streamlines the procure-to-payment process. Whether you are working towards smart invoice processing or automated purchase order workflows, Kloo delivers smart automation across a range of functions by leveraging AI throughout the platform. 

Kloo Product Capabilities Overview 

Kloo excels with its AI-driven features: 

  • Advanced AI Capabilities: Kloo leverages AI to transform the entire accounts payable process, from invoice capture to final payment. 
  • No-Touch Invoice Processing: Utilising OCR and AI, Kloo automates invoice reading and matching, ensuring accurate alignment with POs for both two-way and three-way matching. 
  • Predictive Purchase Requests: Kloo's AI sifts through historical spend data, identifying patterns and preparing for recurring expenses, thus maximising efficiency for the procurement process. 
  • Automated Approval Flows: Streamlines approvals directly from email inboxes, removing the need for multiple platform logins and increasing user engagement. 
  • Smart Payments: In-platform payment options are designed to reduce bank fees and FX costs, offering flexibility through Kloo account, Open Banking, or Bacs file downloads. 

What Does Basware Do? 

Like Kloo, Basware provides an AI and machine learning-powered solution for your AP workflows, eliminating the need for manual processes. Touchless invoice processing stands at the forefront of their product offering, allowing for more functional efficiency. 

Basware Product Capabilities Overview 

Basware offers a suite of AP automation tools: 

  • AI/ML-Powered Invoice Processing: Utilising AI and machine learning, Basware focuses on automated, touchless invoice processing. 
  • Automated PO Spend Matching: Automatically addresses invoices without POs matched to them using custom plans and AI coding. 
  • Smart Invoice Routing: Basware re-routes invoices directly into the automated approval workflow for coding and processing.  
  • Compliance and Visibility: Offers spend visibility and compliance with tax regulations in over 50 countries.

Feature Matrix of Kloo vs. Basware

Feature Category 



AI Capabilities 

Advanced AI embedded throughout procure-to-pay 

AI and machine learning-powered automation 

Purchase Management 

AI-driven purchase requests and predictive ordering functions 

Automated approval workflows with in-app approvals 

Touchless Invoice Processing & PO-Matching 

Powered by AI and OCR technology

Powered by standard AI technology 

ERP Integrations 

Extensive range of no-code and API-based integrations 

Multi-ERP environments for integration 


Smart, in-platform payment options with off-platform approvals, integrated in email workflows 

Smart routing for automatic approval workflows 

Corporate Cards 

Globally accepted virtual and physical procurement cards for single- or multi-use

Not available 


While both Kloo and Basware offer comprehensive solutions for financial management, Kloo sets itself apart by focusing on user convenience and streamlined experiences. Its innovative approach allows users to raise and approve purchase requests directly from their email inboxes, significantly reducing the number of logins and platform switches required. Furthermore, Kloo integrates payment capabilities within its platform, enabling finance teams to conduct transactions without the need to switch to other systems. This seamless integration across procurement and payment processes makes Kloo not only a powerful tool but also a user-friendly solution, simplifying workflows and enhancing overall efficiency.

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