Kloo Launches Purchasing Copilot

October 25, 2023
Kloo Introduces Purchasing Copilot
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It is no secret that effective spend management is a cornerstone of financial health and operational efficiency. Despite this, existing purchase management solutions fall short of the task, posing significant challenges and leaving many organisations grappling with uncontrolled costs and inefficiencies.  

This week, Kloo is unveiling its innovative solution, Purchasing Copilot, designed to address these challenges head-on by integrating GenAI capabilities and smart automation across purchase management functions. This suite of AI-powered purchase management tools empowers businesses to spend with confidence, equipping them with the necessary insights and tools for great decision-making.

Purchasing Copilot tackles challenges by integrating GenAI and smart automation into purchase management functions.


Insufficiency of ERPs

The notion of leveraging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to manage spend has been a go-to solution for many organisations. However, the reality is far from ideal. Current ERP systems are not sufficient to handle company financial processes: with their rigid structures and non-intuitive interfaces, ERPs often complicate the right behaviours rather than incentivise them. The result is a bureaucratic labyrinth where, for instance, Purchase Orders (POs) become a mere formality, raised after the spend is already committed, serving no real purpose in controlling costs. ERPs that do not align with user needs and expectations result in delayed PO creation and difficulty organising PO management. This scenario not only fails to address the root problem but often compounds it, leaving businesses in a loop of ineffective control and unmanaged spend. 

Insufficiency of Basic Automation

Automation has long been lauded as the solution to the inefficiencies of accounts payable processes, however automation alone cannot entirely ease these pains. While automation can reduce the amount of manual processing required by finance teams, it does not address the issues of complex decision-making and the need for contextual understanding in financial transactions. Basic automation tools lack the cognitive capabilities to interpret intricate financial data, understand the nuances of supplier relationships, or detect irregularities in spending patterns. Moreover, they often operate within predefined rules and fixed parameters, unable to adapt to the dynamic and evolving nature of business transactions. Consequently, businesses relying solely on basic automation find themselves grappling with misclassified expenses, missed opportunities for cost savings, and increased susceptibility to fraud and errors. 

The established practice of merely automating routine tasks falls short of addressing the underlying issues surrounding spend management. Typically, finance teams are caught between a rock and a hard place: either drown in manual work or attempt to automate it. However, automating without addressing the core problem around decision-making only embeds the issue deeper within the operational workflow, leading to a vicious cycle of inefficiency. To incentivise proper fiscal behaviours, businesses need intelligent solutions like Kloo's Purchasing Copilot, which not only automate tasks but also incorporate advanced AI algorithms and contextual awareness, ensuring a seamless, accurate, and strategic approach to financial management. 

Automating without solving core decision-making issues deepens inefficient workflow cycles.


Introducing Purchasing Copilot 

Purchasing Copilot offers businesses and finance teams a practical solution to bridge the gap between incentivised decision-making and smart automation. Backed by Generative AI technology, the suite streamlines financial functions, making PO management and organisation efficient and hassle-free. Purchasing Copilot enables businesses to spend confidently while enjoying the benefits of automation, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and manual workload. We aim to address underlying behavioural issues to facilitate smarter decision-making throughout the procurement and spend approvals process. 

At the core of Copilot's offering are key features that will address the behavioural pain points surrounding bad automation practice and inefficient financial management systems: 

  • Right information, right time: Delivering crucial data to the appropriate personnel precisely when needed, in a simplified and easily digestible format. 
  • Insightful data during procurement: Offering alerts on potential spend duplication, budgetary context, payment history, anomaly and fraud detection, and external supplier context, right at the approvals stage. 
  • Email integration: Direct delivery of insights to approvers via email, maintaining a user-friendly approach and saving time by keeping the process within the workflow. 

In addition to these features, Kloo utilises the latest GenAI technology to improve the experience and usability of raising purchase requests. The predictive ordering function anticipates users’ actions, issuing pre-created purchase requests via email at the opportune moments based on prior PO behaviours. Furthermore, the natural language feature enables users to create or edit purchase requests effortlessly through email exchanges with Kloo AI. Machine learning fills in all relevant fields, requiring users to provide only new information, simplifying the process significantly. Additionally, users can share the workload intelligently by routing approvals workflows to designated approvers in the business such as departments, accounts and payer entity by enabling approval workflow automation. 

Purchasing Copilot can revolutionise procurement processes through smart automation and data-driven decision-making.


Benefits and Key Takeaways 

Purchasing Copilot ensures that smart automation is embedded end-to-end throughout the procurement to payment process, liberating finance teams to contribute more strategically to other business operations. By leveraging GenAI, Copilot delivers insightful data to those responsible for spend decisions, promoting better cost management and smarter financial operations. 

In summary, Purchasing Copilot is poised to revolutionise procurement processes, aligning automation with intelligent, data-driven decision making. Through user-friendly interfaces and predictive technologies, finance teams can now engage in more strategic, value-added activities, steering businesses towards better fiscal responsibility and operational efficiency. 

Ready to transform your procurement processes and enhance your financial operations? Embrace the future of intelligent decision-making with Kloo. Empower your finance teams to streamline operations, boost cost management, and ensure smarter financial practices. Get in touch with us to learn more about how Kloo's Purchasing Copilot can revolutionise your approach to procurement!

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