Inside Kloo's Award-Winning Customer Support

October 3, 2023
Kloo's Award-Winning Customer Support
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Last week Kloo was named #1 for Quality of Support in Invoice Management by G2 (among other accolades). To celebrate this achievement, in this week’s blog we are interviewing Emmanuel from our Product team to explore what makes Kloo’s customer support the best in the industry.  

An Interview with Emmanuel Oyemade

Q: Last week Kloo was named #1 for Quality of Support in Invoice Management, if you had to sum up the feeling of receiving this accolade in one word, what would that word be? 

Emmanuel: Proud. It might sound a bit cheesy, but it feels good to know that we're providing value for our customers. When someone contacts us with an issue, we always want to find a solution as fast as we can so they can get on with their work, and it is good to see our efforts being recognised.   

Q: What do you believe sets Kloo’s customer support apart from other Accounts Payable solutions?

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Emmanuel: A few things. Our customer support is easy to access through a number of different channels, including web chats, email and through in-app support. They are free to contact us however they’re most comfortable, and I think that translates to customer satisfaction. But also, we’re lucky – the platform is really quite intuitive, so we don’t get that many questions about how to use the product. This allows us to go the extra mile on customer requests when they do come in. 

We also offer a bespoke service to each customer. If a customer wants additional tailored reporting on their expenditure, we can offer this on a weekly or monthly cadence as they need.  


Q: How does the team stay attuned to the evolving needs of our customers? 

Emmanuel: We have a really close relationship with our current customer base and its mutually beneficial. We often demo up-and-coming features to our customers, which allows us to gather valuable feedback at the beginning of the development process. Based on their feedback, we release new features in 2-week sprints, constantly using our customer feedback to iterate and improve our product.  

We've worked closely with one of our customers over the last few months, helping them to solve their Accounts Payable pain points by iterating and expanding our product. Based on their needs, we implemented AI capability in our invoice matching, using context-based decision-making to match purchase orders and invoices. This technique is way more accurate than older, logic-based automation, offering real value to our customers.  

Q: With this G2 accolade in the bag, what’s next for Customer Success at Kloo? 

Emmanuel: We’re keen to ramp up our automated customer support. Essentially, when a customer reaches out with a question, they should get an answer there and then, and AI can really help us to deliver this instantaneous support. Obviously, this doesn’t mean we are cutting back at all on our ‘human’ support, if a customer wants to talk directly to a person, we are always going to make sure that’s really accessible.  

It's important not to look at AI and human customer support as opposing forces, in reality they really complement each other. AI brings that immediate support to the table and can instantly generate really valuable custom insights about a customer’s expenditure. Alongside this, customer success representatives are able to make sure customers feel heard and their feedback taken on board.  

Really, it's all about listening to our customers and making sure that the support we provide is the support they need. 

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