Enhancing UX in Financial Operations with Kloo for Certinia

December 8, 2023
Enhancing User Experience with Kloo for Certinia
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Customers of Certinia understand its comprehensive range of functionalities. Yet, with such extensive features comes a level of complexity, particularly challenging for those outside the finance department.

Accounts Payable (AP), a crucial business function, demands the cooperation and engagement of the entire organisation, not just finance experts. Kloo steps in to bridge this gap, offering an intuitive AP solution that seamlessly integrates with Certinia with secure two-way data sharing. This integration ensures that the AP process is accessible and manageable for all employees, fostering organisational collaboration and enhancing overall efficiency. 

How Kloo Enhances UX of AP for Certinia

  • Intuitive Interface: Kloo provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies interactions with the complex functionalities of Certinia. This ease of use is particularly beneficial for non-finance approvers, who need to navigate the system, but do not have time for a lengthy onboarding and training process. 
  • AI-Driven Simplification: The integration of AI in Kloo helps in simplifying complex financial operations, making tasks throughout the AP process less labour-intensive and more intuitive.  
  • Natural Language Processing: With Kloo’s, users can raise purchase requests in natural language via email, making the process as accessible and simple as possible. 


The Importance of User Experience in Accounts Payable

  • Organisational Buy-In: A user-friendly system like Kloo makes users more likely to follow spend approval protocol, preventing unapproved maverick spend. By making financial operations accessible, it encourages all employees to engage with financial protocols responsibly. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Kloo’s user-friendly interface markedly reduces the time and effort needed for financial tasks like approving spend. This efficiency translates into faster approval cycles, timely payments, and better financial health for the organisation. 
  • Reduced Learning Curve: By reducing the need to interact with complex ERP interfaces, Kloo minimises the learning curve for non-financial users, making financial management more inclusive and less daunting. 

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Key Takeaways:

The integration of Kloo with Certinia is a testament to the importance of user experience in financial operations. By providing an intuitive and AI-enhanced interface, Kloo not only complements the powerful features of Certinia but also makes them more accessible and easier to use for all users, not just finance professionals. Good user experience in AP is not just about simplicity; it's about empowering every team member, regardless of their financial expertise, to participate effectively in financial processes. This in turn fosters a company culture in which financial responsibility is a shared value, enhancing both compliance and overall business health.

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