Why You Should Be Tracking the Efficiency of Your AP Approvals

January 31, 2024
Tracking Efficiency of AP Approvals
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It is no secret that the efficiency of your Accounts Payable (AP) processes can significantly impact your organisation's cash flow, supplier relationships, and overall financial health. Approval workflows, in particular, are a critical component of AP processes, yet they are often fraught with complexities and bottlenecks that can slow down operations and lead to inefficiencies. In this blog, we'll explore why tracking approval efficiency is not just beneficial but essential for your organisation and how Kloo's AP Insights product can be the solution you need to gain real-time visibility into these crucial metrics. 

The Complexities of Approval Workflows 

Approval workflows in AP are designed to ensure that expenditures are reviewed and authorised by the appropriate personnel before payments are made. However, these workflows can quickly become complicated due to factors such as the number of approvers involved, the diversity of spend categories, and the varying levels of approval authority across an organisation. This complexity can lead to delays, errors, and bottlenecks, ultimately affecting the efficiency of the entire AP process. 

The Value of Tracking Approval Efficiency 

Understanding and monitoring the efficiency of your approval workflows can bring significant benefits to your organisation. It not only helps in identifying and eliminating bottlenecks but also ensures compliance with internal policies and external regulations. By tracking approval efficiency, your organisation can: 

  • Improve Cash Flow Management: Faster approval processes lead to quicker payments, which can help in availing early payment discounts and avoiding late payment penalties. 
  • Enhance Supplier Relationships: Efficient approvals mean timely payments, contributing to stronger, more reliable supplier relationships. Read more on this topic here. 
  • Boost Operational Efficiency: Identifying slow approvers or processes allows for targeted improvements, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency. 
  • Ensure Compliance: Efficient tracking helps in maintaining an audit trail of approvals, ensuring compliance with internal and external financial controls. 

Metrics Worth Measuring 

To truly optimise your approval workflows, it's essential to track specific metrics that can shed light on potential inefficiencies. Some of these include: 

  • Profiles of Slowest Approvers: Identifying approvers who consistently take longer can help in understanding whether they are overburdened or if there are other underlying issues. 
  • Average Time Taken to Assign to Approval Workflow: In an ideal scenario, this should be automated and instantaneous as it is with Kloo. However, legacy systems might introduce delays that can extend the process unnecessarily. 
  • Average Time to Approve: Prolonged approval times can indicate inefficiencies within the approval process itself, such as poor user experience or overly complex procedures. 

Introducing Kloo's AP Insights 

Kloo's AP Insights product is designed to provide organisations with a comprehensive, real-time view of their approval workflows. With AP Insights, you can easily monitor the metrics mentioned above, among others, to gain a clear understanding of where your processes might be lagging. Our intuitive dashboard presents actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions to streamline your approval workflows, enhance efficiency, and ultimately drive better financial outcomes for your organisation. 

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, tracking approval efficiency is not just about keeping an eye on the numbers; it's about understanding the health and efficiency of your AP processes. With the right tools and insights, such as those provided by Kloo's AP Insights, your organisation can transform its approval workflows from potential bottlenecks into streamlined processes that support rather than hinder your financial operations. Embrace the power of efficiency tracking and take a significant step towards optimising your organisation's financial health. 

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