Kloo vs. Yooz: Accounts Payable Automation Comparison

November 24, 2023
Kloo vs. Yooz Comparison
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In the fast-paced world of business finance, a robust Accounts Payable (AP) solution is not just a convenience—it's a necessity. It ensures efficient financial operations and strategic resource allocation. Both Kloo and Yooz offer comprehensive solutions for managing AP needs, each with distinct features and capabilities. This blog aims to provide a clear comparison between Kloo and Yooz, helping you choose the right solution for your business. 

Before we dive into the product offerings and capabilities, let’s first uncover what AP automation is, and how it can benefit your team’s day-to-day workflows. 

What is AP Automation? 

AP automation is pivotal in removing the need for manual handling of various accounts payable activities, from initiating purchase requests to executing payments, via AI or rule-based automation technologies. This automation not only speeds up the P2P process but also reduces the likelihood of mistakes and fraudulent activity, enabling the finance department to devote time to strategic tasks. Businesses embracing AP automation witness significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, experiencing better insights into spending patterns and negotiating improved deals with suppliers. 

Kloo Product Capabilities Overview 

Kloo stands out in the AP automation landscape primarily due to its advanced AI capabilities. Here's an overview: 

  • No-touch Invoice Processing: Kloo's integration of OCR and AI technologies allows for the automatic 'reading' and understanding of invoices, matching them seamlessly with the required Purchase Orders (POs). This automation reduces manual data entry and the potential for human error.
  • AI-powered Purchase Requests: Kloo’s AI-driven system enables raising of purchase orders using natural language, streamlining the procurement process. Its predictive ordering feature anticipates needs based on historical data, ensuring timely and cost-effective procurement.
  • Automated Approval Flows: Kloo simplifies the approval process. Approvals can be executed directly from an email inbox, eliminating the need to log onto another platform. This feature enhances user convenience and promotes higher levels of employee engagement with the procurement process.
  • Purchasing Copilot: Kloo leverages AI capabilities for predictive ordering and natural language spend requests, raised through the email or the chatbot, resulting in a streamlined user experience powered by AI technology.

Kloo’s emphasis on AI-driven solutions positions it as a forward-thinking choice, especially for businesses looking to leverage technology for efficiency and accuracy in their financial operations. 

Yooz Product Capabilities Overview 

Yooz provides a comprehensive solution for AP automation. While not focusing on AI-driven features to the extent Kloo does, Yooz offers several notable capabilities: 

  • Cloud-Based AP Automation: Yooz’s cloud platform facilitates automated invoice processing, reducing the need for manual input and increasing efficiency.
  • Integration with ERP Systems: Yooz integrates seamlessly with various ERP systems, ensuring that data flows smoothly between the AP automation system and the core financial systems of a business.
  • Customisable Workflows: Yooz allows for customisation of workflows, catering to the specific needs and policies of different businesses.
  • Real-Time Financial Insights: Yooz provides real-time reporting and analytics, enabling businesses to gain insights into their financial processes and make informed decisions.

It's important to note that Yooz, as a long-established player, may not exhibit the same pace of innovation in AI and machine learning as newer, more agile competitors like Kloo.

Feature Matrix of Kloo vs. Yooz

Feature Categories 



AI Capabilities 

Advanced AI Integration 

Basic AI features 

Purchase Management 

AI-powered, automated and customisable flows 

Customisable workflows 

Invoice Processing 

Touch-free, AI and OCR-driven 

Standard automation 

ERP Integrations 

Comprehensive integration 

Wide ERP system compatibility 


Flexible, multiple options 

Standard payment processing 

Corporate Cards 


Not specified 


Kloo distinguishes itself with its advanced AI capabilities and flexible payment options, which Yooz does not match in the same capacity. As a market innovator and disruptor, Kloo leverages AI to transform accounts payable, offering a future-forward solution for businesses keen on embracing the latest in technology for financial operations. Its AI-driven features, especially in invoice processing and purchase management, set Kloo apart as the go-to option for businesses prioritising efficiency, accuracy, and technological advancement in their AP processes.

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