Why isn't contactless working on my Kloo card?

Making sure you've got Contactless up and running

Understanding the convenience and efficiency contactless payments bring to your transactions, we want to ensure you can leverage this feature smoothly. Below, we outline the two primary reasons you might encounter difficulties with contactless payments and provide guidance on how to resolve these issues.

1. Activating contactless on a new card

Issue: If you're using your Kloo card for the first time and the contactless payment feature isn't working, it's likely because new cards require a one-time activation process.

Solution: All new cards need to undergo a chip and PIN transaction for their first use. This step is a security measure designed to protect your account and verify your ownership of the card. 

More information on activating Kloo cards can be found here

2. Security measures for repeated contactless use

Issue: If you've successfully used contactless payments but suddenly find the feature isn't working after several transactions, this is typically a security precaution.

Solution: To ensure the security of your transactions and account, cards may often require you to enter your PIN after multiple consecutive contactless transactions. This measure helps to verify that the card is still in the possession of its rightful owner.

Additional tips for smooth contactless transactions:

  • Ensure your card is close to the reader: For contactless payments to work, the card needs to be within a few centimetres of the reader. Hold your card flat against the reader until it confirms the payment.
  • Check for signs of wear: Physical damage to your card can affect its functionality. If your card is bent, scratched, or damaged, cancel it and request a new one.
  • Contactless limits: Remember, contactless transactions may have a maximum limit per transaction, which varies by merchant or region. If your purchase exceeds this limit, you'll be asked to use chip and PIN.