What kind of cards does Kloo issue?

The aim of Kloo Cards is to provide both flexibility and control when it comes to company expenditure. 

Kloo issues two types of cards: 

  1. Virtual:  

    • This digital card is used only for online purchases
    • It can be single-use or multi-use
    • It has 16-digit card number, CVV2 number, and expiry date 
    • It becomes active immediately and automatically after approval
  2.  Physical: 

    • This plastic card is used for both online and offline purchases
    • It is a multi-use card
    • It can be delivered to your company’s office address or an address provided 
    • It needs to be activated - follow instructions here


For more information, please contact our support team (support@getkloo.com) or reach out via Live Chat below.