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Why is the offset amount for a PO not showing?

How to ensure offset amounts are correctly displayed in your POs

Understanding the issue

The visibility of the offset amount in a PO can be affected by the sequence in which the Goods Received Not Invoiced (GRNI) and invoice matching are recorded. Kloo is designed to show the offset amount when the GRNI is recorded prior to matching the invoice to the PO.

Why does this happen?

Recording the GRNI first allows the system to recognise and display all financial details, including any offset amounts, before the invoice is matched to the PO. If the invoice is matched first, the system might not display the offset amount correctly.

Steps to resolve:

  1. Identify the affected PO: Locate the PO where the offset amount is not visible.
  2. Reverse the invoice matching: Navigate to the PO and undo the invoice matching. This action will not delete any data but will allow you to correctly sequence the entries.
  3. Record the GRNI: Now, record the GRNI for the identified PO. Ensure that this step is completed before re-matching the invoice.
  4. Re-match the invoice to the PO: Once the GRNI is recorded, you can proceed to match the invoice to the PO again.
  5. Verify the offset amount: After completing these steps, check the PO to confirm that the offset amount is now correctly displayed.

Workaround for organisations with disabled invoice unmatching:

If your organisation has disabled the invoice unmatching feature, you can resolve offset amount visibility issues by creating a negative GRNI value:

  1. Negative GRNI concept: A negative GRNI acts as an adjustment by offsetting the original GRNI amount. For example, if your original GRNI was £500, enter a negative GRNI of -£500.

  2. Record a correct GRNI: After the negative entry, record a new positive GRNI for the same amount. This corrects the sequence, allowing the system to display the offset amount properly.

  3. Ensure accuracy: Make sure the sum of your negative and positive GRNI entries matches the actual received goods to maintain accurate financial records.

  4. Seek financial advice: Consult with your financial team when making these adjustments to align with your accounting practices.

Remember, our support team is here to assist with this process if needed. Simply reach out via Live Chat (click the icon on the bottom right of the screen) or email us.