What are the different levels of access to Kloo?

Exploring the three tiers of platform permissions


To ensure that all users can maximise their experience while maintaining security and efficiency, Kloo offers three distinct access levels. Each level is designed to provide the flexibility necessary to cater to different roles and responsibilities within your organisation.

By understanding and utilising these access tiers, you can optimise workflow, enhance collaboration, and safeguard sensitive information. 

The three levels of access

  1. Organisation Admin (OA)

  2. Finance Approver (FA)

  3. Platform User (PU)

Below you’ll find the details on how they differ from one another.




Full platform access for both read and write.

Full platform visibility, with no additional write privileges unless configured separately within smart approvals.

Visibility limited to their own activity across the Kloo product suite.

✅ Can be an in an approval workflow

✅ Can be an in an approval workflow

✅ Can be an in an approval workflow

OAs can:

  • configure smart approval workflows

  • override all approvals

  • add users and configure teams

  • schedule payments

  • add suppliers / edit supplier details

  • add employees / edit employee details



OAs can amend any user's access level in Settings > Users. Simply select the user then select Role, and choose from the dropdown.