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Resolving invoice rejection issues: a comprehensive guide

Encountering invoice rejection can be a roadblock, but fear not – we're here to guide you through

Sometimes, Kloo AI will send an invoice back to you. This will likely be due to one of the below issues:

Issue 1: Missing information

  1. Identification: Check the rejection reason for specific details on missing information.
  2. Resolution steps: Review the invoice requirements and fill in any missing fields; ensure all mandatory information, such as vendor details and purchase order numbers, is accurately provided.

Issue 2: Discrepancies with PO or contract

  1. Identification: Investigate rejection reasons related to PO or contract discrepancies.
  2. Resolution steps: Cross-reference the invoice with the corresponding purchase order or contract; correct any inconsistencies, such as quantity, pricing, or product descriptions.

Issue 3: Formatting errors

  1. Identification: Look out for rejection notices highlighting formatting issues.
  2. Resolution steps: Ensure the invoice adheres to the specified format requirements; verify that file formats, sizes, and naming conventions comply with our guidelines.

Issue 4: Incorrect total amount

  1. Identification: Check rejection reasons related to incorrect total amounts.
  2. Resolution steps: Review line items and quantities to ensure accurate calculations; confirm that all applicable taxes and fees are included in the total amount.

Issue 5: Invoice duplicates

  1. Identification: If the rejection is due to duplicate invoices, take note.
  2. Resolution steps: Use unique identifiers (e.g., invoice numbers) to prevent duplications; check the system for previous submissions before sending a new invoice.

Issue 6: Insufficient supporting documentation

  1. Identification: Investigate rejection notices related to insufficient supporting documents.
  2. Resolution steps: Attach all required supporting documents, such as receipts or delivery confirmations; ensure the documents provide clear evidence of the transaction.

Once you've managed to resolve the issue, you can manually upload the invoice in the 'Invoice management' section of the Kloo platform. Simply select 'Upload invoice', upload the file, and let OCR do the hard work for you. 

NB If uncertain about the rejection reason, reach out to our support team via Live Chat (click the icon at the bottom right of the screen) or email