How can I upload a receipt for a TfL transaction?

Handling receipts and expense reporting for TfL travel


For organisations leveraging the convenience of smart procurement cards for business expenses, including travel, it's essential to ensure a smooth process for recording and reconciling these expenditures. Many employees use Kloo cards for various costs, including travel within London via the Transport for London (TfL) services, such as the Oyster card.

Consult your Finance Department

Before uploading any receipts for travel costs, including those incurred through TfL, it's crucial to first consult with your finance department. Every organisation has its unique set of policies and guidelines regarding expense reporting and reimbursement. Your finance team will provide you with the necessary instructions on:

  • What types of travel expenses are covered
  • The process for submitting travel receipts
  • Any specific details or notes that need to be included with your submission

Receipt upload for all expenses is a toggle that may or may not be switched on for your organisation. Reach out to your Finance Department to understand your unique business requirements. 

Obtaining receipts for TfL travel

TfL offers several ways for travellers to obtain receipts for their journeys, ensuring you can accurately report your travel expenses. Here’s how you can get receipts for your TfL journeys:

  1. Contactless payments (tap in/out):
    1. Online account: If you're using an Oyster card or a contactless payment method, the easiest way to keep track of your travel costs is by registering your card on the TfL website. Once registered, you can view your travel history, download journey statements (up to the last 8 weeks), and access PDF receipts for your journeys
    2. TfL app: The TfL Oyster and contactless app also allow you to view your journey history and charges. However, for formal receipts, it's recommended to use the online account method.

      Remember to pay with your Kloo card instead of an Oyster card if the journey is a company expense. Kloo cannot reimburse payments from Oyster cards.
  2. Single tickets and Travelcards:
    1. For purchases made at ticket machines, you should receive a printed receipt at the time of transaction. Keep this receipt for your records and for expense reporting. It is also always helpful to take a photo of the ticket in case you lose it. 
    2. If you purchase a Travelcard or a paper single ticket from a TfL service desk, you can request a receipt from the staff. Snap a photo of it and upload it directly to the Kloo app (available on iOS or Android).

Remember, your finance department is your go-to resource for any questions or clarifications regarding travel expense policies and submission procedures.