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Is my personal data safe with Kloo?

In an era where data privacy is paramount, we understand your concerns about the safety of your private and personal information

Our Policies

Our policies are designed to protect your private/personal information on Kloo. Our third-party servers are protected by firewalls. Additionally, all your data like transaction information and subscription details are transferred to servers and third parties are SSL encrypted.

How we store data

All data is kept securely in the Kloo ecosystem. We use Microsoft Azure to power our automated functions, and nothing is ever shared with OpenAI.

Kloo Data Protection with Microsoft Azure

  • All data is protected in our secure Kloo network
  • All GenAI models are created and stored internally
  • Secure access control
  • Robust compliance and audits

Your peace of mind:

Rest assured that your privacy is a top priority for us. We continuously invest in cutting-edge security measures to fortify our platform and create a safe environment for your data.

If you have any specific concerns or questions about your privacy, our dedicated support team is available to address them (support@getkloo.com).