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How to unmatch an invoice from a PO

Unmatching an in invoice from a PO in Kloo

Occasionally, you may find that an invoice has been matched incorrectly to a PO within Kloo. Unmatching these documents is a straightforward process that allows you to correct any discrepancies, ensuring your financial records are accurate. Follow the steps below to unmatch an invoice.


  1. Login to Kloo
  2. Navigate to Accounts payable
  3. Then to Invoice management
  4. Locate your invoice in the 'Submitted' tab*
  5. Open the invoice
  6. Scroll down and select the Matching drop-down
  7. Click unmatch

*If your invoice has been approved and is in the 'To Pay' tab, you can still unmatch via the below process:

  1. Go to the 'To Pay' tab
  2. Search for the invoice number
  3. Click on the match arrow on the right-hand side of the invoice row
  4. Toggle on suggested matching
  5. Search for the PO you want to unmatch from
  6. Then click unmatch