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How to automatically email POs to suppliers

This action can be performed by OAs only


  1. Login to Kloo
  2. Navigate to 'Settings'
  3. Navigate to 'Configurations'
  4. Select the 'Purchase requests' tab
  5. Toggle the switch on

NB: Ensure each supplier’s profile is complete with up-to-date email addresses. This is crucial for the automation to work effectively. This can be done in Settings > Supplier management.

    Monitor and Review

    After implementation, monitor the process to ensure POs are being sent out correctly. Check for feedback from suppliers to confirm they’re receiving and are able to process the POs from their end.

    Benefits of Automating PO Emails with Kloo

    • Time-saving: Eliminates the need to manually send emails, freeing up time for your procurement team.
    • Accuracy: Reduces the risk of human error associated with manual entry.
    • Speed: Speeds up the procurement cycle by instantly delivering POs to suppliers.
    • Trackability: Provides a clear audit trail, as Kloo logs each PO sent, ensuring transparency and traceability.
    • Consistency: Ensures a consistent communication format and branding are maintained in all supplier interactions.