How do I set up smart approval workflows?

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In the contemporary business landscape, smart approval workflows are essential for efficient decision-making and operational flow. By setting up these workflows, businesses can ensure that approvals are handled swiftly and by the appropriate personnel, reducing bottlenecks and improving productivity. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to configure smart approval workflows in your system.


  1. Login to Kloo
  2. Navigate to 'Settings'
  3. Select 'Smart approvals'
  4. Select a tab depending on what module you want to make the workflow for
  5. Scroll down and select 'Create new workflow'
  6. Input the necessary information

💻 Follow a demo here.


Workflow assignment automation can also be managed in the module above, where you can determine a field (e.g. Supplier) can be used to trigger the automation for assigning invoices or POs to a workflow.