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How do I know an email came from Kloo?

Learn how to verify official communications from Kloo

We understand the importance of trust and security in your digital interactions, especially when it comes to emails from Kloo. To ensure you can easily distinguish legitimate communications from us, here's a quick guide:


  1. Sender email address:

    Our official emails will always come from a domain associated with Kloo (@getkloo.com). Verify that the sender's email address matches our official domain to confirm authenticity.
  2. Consistent branding:

    Look for consistent branding elements such as our logo, colour schemes, and fonts. Official emails from us will reflect our brand identity consistently.
  3. Clear subject lines:

    Official emails will have clear and relevant subject lines related to your Kloo account, transactions, or important updates.

⚠️ If you receive any suspicious emails, do not open or respond to it. Please report to us at our support centre (support@getkloo.com)

Kloo never asks for your confidential information over email.