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How are invoices uploaded into Kloo?

Navigating the complexities of invoice management just got simpler with our tailored solutions

Option 1: Automated email upload

  1. Forward to your unique email:

    Easily forward your invoices to your organisation-specific email address. Our advanced AI, equipped with best-in-class OCR technology, will take charge.
    If you need a reminder of your unique email address, simply head to Accounts payable, Invoice management, and you'll find the button 'Email upload with Kloo AI'.
  2. Automated OCR processing:

    Witness precision in action as our OCR technology extracts crucial details, automatically uploading the invoice. With platform customisation, the invoices can automatically be sent straight to an approval workflow.
  3. Handling missing information:

    If any details are amiss, the AI promptly returns the invoice. A quick conversation with your supplier can fill in the gaps.

Option 2: Platform upload

  1. Visit 'Invoice management':

    Take control by heading to the 'Invoice Management' section on the platform.
  2. Select 'Upload invoice':

    Initiate the process by clicking 'Upload Invoice.' Attach the invoice, and let the OCR technology handle the rest.
  3. AI-driven fields and workflow assignment:

    Benefit from automated field population based on supplier details. The AI also takes care of assigning the invoice to the appropriate workflow.

💻 Follow a demo here.