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Handling supplier information discrepancies

Maintaining accurate supplier information is crucial for a seamless procurement process

Issue: inconsistent or incorrect supplier information

  1. Identification:

    • Check the rejection notice or system alerts for details on inconsistent or incorrect supplier information.
    • Kloo AI will deliberately send back any invoices containing suppliers not in the platform. This is a precautionary measure to prompt a validation step to confirm the legitimacy of the transaction, and to keep a close view of who your business is working with. 
  2. Resolution steps:

    • Cross-verify supplier details:

      • Confirm the accuracy of the supplier's name, address, contact information, and tax identification numbers. Org Admins can look at platform supplier info by heading to 'Settings', then 'Supplier management'
    • Contact the Supplier:

      • Reach out to the supplier directly to confirm their details and address any discrepancies.
    • Update Supplier Information:

      • If discrepancies are confirmed, update the supplier information in your Kloo account.

Proactive measures:

  • Regularly review supplier data:

    • Periodically review and update supplier information in your account to ensure it remains current and accurate.
    • If you have any platform pertaining in place, share any relevant supplier updates, with its required custom fields mapping with your Kloo Account Manager, or contact support@getkloo.com
  • Communication is key:

    • Establish open lines of communication with your suppliers to promptly address any changes or updates to their information.