How to create a payment run or schedule a payment

To pay multiple invoices at once, or set a future date to pay, follow the steps below

Quick guide: Login > Accounts payable > Payment runs > Create a payment run

Full instructions

  1. Navigate to 'Accounts payable'
  2. Then to 'Invoice management' or 'Payment runs' (if you choose the latter, skip step 3)
  3. In the 'To pay' tab, use the checkboxes on the left to select your chosen invoices
  4. Click on 'Create a payment run' in the top right
  5. Give the payment run a name and a scheduled date, then click 'Create payment run' to confirm

💻 Follow a demo here.

Scheduling payments

  1. Navigate to 'Accounts payable'
  2. Then 'Invoice management'
  3. In the 'To pay' tab, either open an invoice, scroll down and select 'Schedule a payment

OAs can choose the users who should be responsible for creating payment runs in Settings > Smart approvals > Payment runs > Create payment runs. Select your chosen users from the dropdown list. 

🔔 Currently payment runs can only be paid via Kloo Funds (not Open Banking).