Introducing Corrections: streamlining error amendments in GRNI entries

We're excited to announce a new feature that significantly enhances the process of managing GRNI entries

Understanding the importance of accuracy in financial records, we've introduced the ability to log a 'correction' directly, eliminating the need to input negative GRNIs to reduce the total GRNI amount (in the case that the incorrect amount is recorded).

This update is designed to simplify the correction process, ensuring your GRNI calculations are precise and reflect any amendments made.

How to enter a correction

  1. From the PO drawer, click on 'Record GRNI'
  2. Enable 'Do you want to record a correction?' toggle
  3. Enter the required information
  4. Click on 'Record correction' 

Result: Viewing corrections

Once a correction has been recorded, it will be visible in the GRNI table. Corrections are highlighted in red to easily distinguish them from standard entries. This visual cue helps users quickly identify adjustments and ensures transparency in GRNI tracking.

Breakdown of calculations

  • Total GRNI = Total sum of all goods received, including offsets and corrections. 
  • Matched invoice amount = Sum of all confirmed invoice matches.
  • Remaining PO amount = PO net amount – sum of confirmed matched invoices.
  • Total value of goods received = Sum of all positive GRNI entries – sum of all corrections.
  • GRNI available for invoice matching = Total value of goods received - sum of all confirmed matched invoices.
  • PO available for GRNI = PO net amount – total sum of all goods received.