Kloo Card controls

This article explores the mechanisms in place for Kloo Cards to control employee spending

1. Real-time visibility and control

Kloo empowers you with unprecedented control and real-time visibility over corporate card spending at scale. With the ability to issue both virtual and physical Kloo cards, you can seamlessly adapt to the preferences of your workforce.

2. Spend control policies

Set and enforce spend control policies effortlessly, ensuring that your employees operate within predefined limits. Kloo enables you to manage spend limits, track expenses, and review outstanding payments all in one centralized location.

3. Customisable approval workflows

Create bespoke approval workflows tailored to your organisation's unique needs. Whether it's individual card approvals or bulk workflows based on categories and merchants, Kloo streamlines the approval process, enhancing efficiency and compliance.

OAs can set up approval workflows in Settings > Smart approvals > Cards 

4. Automated reconciliation

Bid farewell to tedious manual reconciliation processes. Kloo automatically reconciles payments, saving your finance team valuable time and minimising the risk of errors associated with legacy systems.

5. Safe and controlled access to funds

Provide your employees with secure access to funds in a controlled environment. Kloo ensures that your financial transactions occur within the parameters set by your organisation, mitigating the risk of unauthorised or excessive spending.

Funds can be topped up by OAs via bank transfer in the 'Funds' page on the platform. 

6. Efficient receipt management with OCR

Streamline the receipt upload process with the Kloo app (available on iOS or Android), featuring an easy and fast receipt upload function enhanced by automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Receipts can also be uploaded on the Kloo platform in the 'Card management' area.

7. Automated subscription identification

Kloo doesn't just manage regular expenses—it goes above and beyond by automatically identifying and handling subscription payments, ensuring no detail is overlooked.