A guide for Organisation Admins (OAs)

The ultimate guide to autonomous platform configuration


As the key individuals with full platform access, you have the power to shape and optimise your experience with Kloo. This guide will walk you through the process of making personalised configurations, ensuring you can tailor the platform to suit your organisation's unique needs without relying on constant support. Let's embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of Kloo.

1. Understanding your power as an OA

OAs have full access to all the platform customisation touchpoints, including the ability to:

  • Configure smart approval workflows
  • Override all approvals
  • Add users and configure teams
  • Schedule payments
  • Add suppliers and edit supplier details
  • Add employees and edit employee details

Due to the super-admin nature of this role, we suggest that this is limited to two or three senior members of your finance team.

2. Navigating Configurations (Settings > Configurations)

Here, you can:

  • Add tax codes as an optional or mandatory field
  • Add or amend entities
  • Amend threshold matching for Purchase requests
  • Toggle on automatic emailing of POs to suppliers

3. Mastering Custom Fields (Settings > Categorisation)

Across Card expenses, Invoice management, and Purchase requests, you can add categories and custom expense fields. This can improve decision-making, compliance, and auditing. 

4. Open banking (Settings > Integrations)

Switch on Open banking in the 'Integrations' dropdown. Click on 'Import via Yapily' and simply search for your bank, then use the barcode to activate. 

5. Transaction reporting (Settings > Transactions)

Download a transactions report to track your Kloo funds finances.